Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love when...

I love when I go out in public with Inara wearing my SK hoodie and get treated like garbage because everyone thinks I am a teen mom....oh wait no I don't :( This has happened more than just a time or 2 to think it is a coincidence. Its awful because it makes me feel bad for REAL teen moms out there. You think its wonderful to be 16 and have a baby? The last thing those girls need is rude people at the store. I think I will start taking names of the people who are rude to me and call and complain to their managers. It is OBVIOUS that is why I get poor service. And what does it matter to the check out lady at Meijer if I was a teen mom? Does she get paid less because of it? I guess it could be flattering to think I am turning 26 in 2 months and get mistaken for a high schooler...maybe if it were different circumstance it would be.

I also love when I hold out for a cheaper gas price and then prices rise...like today :( They rose $0.30 since yesterday! DOH! What is funny is that I got an email yesterday warning me of the price hike, but I just blew it off. I downloaded this app GasBuddy on my sweet phone. That app emailed me but I blew it off :( Next time I will listen to technology. So what about you? What apps do you guys love?

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