Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great deal at Meijer

This week there is a GREAT sale at Meijer. This week at Meijer Gain laundry sheets are 3.99 for 120 ct. Couple that with a $3 off 1 brings them down to $0.99. BUT WAIT, it gets better! Buy 2 Gain products get a $3 off your next trip coupon. So if you buy 2 dryer sheets with coupons it turns out to be a $1 money maker. Not a huge amount, but its crazy you actually get paid to buy 240 dryer sheets! Plus I think Gain has the best smelling stuff and is typically pretty expensive. YAY!

You can check out more Meijer deals at Bargain Briana

In other news this was my 100th post!

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