Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet baby girl

Trying to get to your BFF Marley
I love watching you interact with other people. You are so friendly to others and many have told us you bring them such joy. What an answered prayer! We prayed before you were born to be a blessing in people's life and already you are being a huge blessing. You love other people and especially love babies. It is so sweet to see you get excited about other babies and wanting to touch and kiss them. You  really are a sweet girl...and so independent too! You always want to do things by your self. Hold you bottle, feed your self, even play! You are a great combination of being independent but still friendly- the perfect match!

Right now my favorite time with you is in the mornings. We wake up, drink your bottle, and watch the Today Show. Its such a sweet time. We just snuggle on the couch tucked in our blanket and lay there for a while. Even when you are done with your bottle, you just lay there with me. It is so precious, and I honestly get sad about you not drinking a bottle in the morning.

You are so smart too! Constantly learning things. Today you even remembered what a crab looks like even though I showed you that about a week ago. I am amazed at how fast God is growing you. You repeat so much of what we say. Maw-Maw and Pop-Pop said they even heard you say "amen" after praying one night.  We say our prayers at night in your room (another favorite time), and it is wonderful. As soon as the lights are out, you know its bed time. I give you your giraffe (favorite animal) and you lay your head down on my shoulder. Oh, how I love to cuddle you. 

Every couple months I think "wow, this is so fun being her Mom" and I wonder how the next months could get better. But somehow they do. You are truly "Heaven Sent" into our family and into the lives around you. At such a young age you are already bringing much joy into people's lives. Our prayer is this is a quality God continues to grow in you! Love you baby!

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  1. That is the most sweetest post I have ever read! Almost brought a tear to my eye.


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