Monday, January 10, 2011

So much!

Inara has done so many new/funny things this week. I know you guys probably don't want to know all of them, but I want to be able to look back and remember these times because she is super fun!

1. Walking- she previously showed NO interest in walking, but now we have seen her take a few steps. If we try to hold her hands and walk with her, she just sits down and crawls. She is cruising around our living room, but not officially walking on her own yet.

Fish face!

2. Funny stuff- She now goes into the corner of the room behind the baby swing to poop. She will meander over there, and then a few minutes later we smell it. Its so funny she is doing that, not so funny to change poopy diapers.

Playing at the library

3. Growing- She is learning SOO much all the time. Yesterday she said "boom". She was slamming the lid down on the toy box and Justin kept saying "boom". After a few times she was saying it too! I think today I heard her say "jacket" and my dad said he thinks she said "diaper". Also Inara cut a tooth sometime recently and we didn't even know it! I was tilting her upside down yesterday and saw a newly cut tooth poking through her top gums. What a champ!

Pretending to be a baby.

4. Fun stuff- Inara LOVES other babies and still is obsessed with them. She loves to kiss pictures of them, and gets real excited when her BFF Marley is around. She even cries when I take Marley away to put her down for a nap. Today we went to Skip N Flip Gymnastics in Alexandria. My friend Kerry told me about it. It was fun. Inara was a little too young to play around, but she loved watching the other kids (or as she calls them "babies" ) play and jump around. She absolutely LOVES climbing it is so funny to watch her try to scale anything she can. She is my little dare-devil!

Is she a handful or what?

This week I will start a bible study at my church. We will be studying Philippians/Colossians. I am super excited. I didn't know if I was going to do it because I am so busy during the week. I work Monday/Thursday, watch my friends babe Tuesday/Fridays, the weekends are crazy, so Wednesday is like the only day it is just me and Inara...and kind of my day to rest or get stuff done. But I know this study will be fruitful and it is only in the morning. I think I am realizing I am already having a hard time "letting go". I just feel bad that someone else watches her when I work, at bible study, when we are at small group, and at church. But then I realize...that is dumb for several reasons. 1. Its not like people are watching her so I can run around and shop and do whatever I want. 2. The people who are watching her are people we trust and they love her too! 3. Although others care for her at times, we are still raising her! So it is hard for me to let go sometimes, but I know it is good for her to know other people besides Mom and Dad care for her, and its good for me too!

I was reading a friends blog and found this website. I then spent the next hour (when I should have been sleeping) reading over the site, praying for friends who are adopting, and thinking about our future with adoption. It is heart wrenching to think of all the kiddos around the world without a home. I think having Inara makes me want to adopt even more. The thought of a baby her age without a mom or dad to love/hug/feed/care/pray for them is very sad. I looked at all the countries you can adopt from and wondered if there is a little boy/girl out there (or not even born) who might be ours someday. I hope God has adoption in our future. I can't wait for our friends to bring home there baby and I pray others will adopt too!


  1. She is so awesome!
    We plan to adopt at some point & Maria talking about it lately makes me want to adopt now! It really does break my heart seeing kids that don't have a parent.

  2. To Cory, :)

    To Lauren,
    You successfully made me cry... blog victory!!! haha
    I just love hearing other mommas talk about how their hearts break for orphans too. I always wanted to adopt, especially after being at the orphanage in Kenya, but being a mom made that pull a million times stronger! What if I was dying of AIDS and I had no family to take care of Lyla?!? I just happened to be born in America...

    We had a blast at skip n' flip with Inara! She is the best gymnast I've ever seen :)

    Love you lady.


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