Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh Cars...how I love/hate you!

So this year we have had TONS of problems with cars. It started on one of the worst days of my life, when I totaled my car in February. You can read the whole story here. We were without a car for about a month while the insurance company had to decide if they were going to fix it, or total it. So we bought an Nissan Altima for super cheap knowing that we would probably have to replace the transmission at some point. But even factoring in a transmission, we got a good deal. So about 3 months after we got the Altima, Jusin's engine died. His car was not worth the work to fix it so we sold it and bought a Subaru Forrester (That's car number 4 for us this year). It was in pretty good shape and low miles, so we bought that. About a month after we bought it, the Altima's transmission went out (or as our mechanic likes to call them..."The tranny is bad"). It took a while to find one for that car...so once again...we were a 1 car family for about another month. Then recently the transmission in the Subaru went out! Seriously?! I was very thankful God allowed us to buy an extended warranty when we bought it and they paid for about 2/3 of the cost for a new transmission. But it took a while for the warranty people to find one and ship it to our mechanic....so 1 more month to our 1 car family status.Then last week we go to pick it up..PERFECT! Running great...oh except for the leaking transmission fluid...multiple trips to mechanic office and one week later = we got a bad tranny! So now it looks like an additional month of being a 1 car family :(

One thing is for sure. God is REALLY trying to teach me patience, contentment, and not to complain. I would love to say, that I am learning those things. But no, I am not. Which is probably why it keeps happening :) There are DAYS when I would say I am patient with being home all week...all month. There are DAYS when I feel like its no big deal. God has provided rides with my wonderful family and great friends. But does patience, contentment, and a happy heart define me right now, unfortunately not. I hope God doesn't break all our cars over an over to get my attention....but I guess that's not true. While it is a major inconvenience to my life, I really am thankful God loves me enough to change me to be more like His Son. Did Jesus complain when he bore the sins of the world? NO. What he joyless and annoyed when he was tortured for my sake? NO. He asked for it to pass...BUT only if it were the Father's will. I try (with His help) to follow his example. I will pray for this season to end, but should it not pass....I will need His help to find joy in Him and not my circumstances.


  1. Ugh car trouble is the WORST! I'm close if you need a ride or anything :)

  2. Thanks so far, I haven't needed anything. God has definitely provided for my needs...just sometimes I want to get out of the house!


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