Thursday, September 23, 2010

True Love

Lately it seems that lots of people around me are facing horrific, life changing event. Cancer, infertility/miscarriage, Cancer again. Today I read another sad story of a friend whose young son was just diagnosed with Leukemia. AH...I HATE has killed multiple family members, nearly taken my Father's life, a friend is battling with it, and now a young child. I was so overwhelmed with sorrow this morning. I am allowed to be upset too. It was not apart of God's original plan for there to be sickness, infertility, heartache. Of course, with the news of my friend's son, I started thinking of Inara. The thought was too heavy to bear. What if SHE had it? How awful a road to walk down...I can't! Then quickly I realized....I don't have to...not yet at least.

When Inara came suddenly into our lives 2 months was hard, but ok. We found joy and hope in Christ alone. People would come visit in the hospital and be overwhelmed with her story and be in tears. But I didn't cry at first, it was what it was. She was a fighter and we were so thankful she was doing ok. The trials that my friends are going through are THEIR trials...not mine and that's why I can't bear the thought of it. God allowed these things to happen, and He will bring them through it too.

I started thinking about love. How can I love Justin, Inara, family, and friends perfectly ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-8) and wholly and NOT be overwhelmed when this sinful world causes them pain? I think I found the answer...correct me if I am wrong. You can't. To love someone is to look out for their good. Cancer is not good, sickness is not good, pain is not good. To truly love people is a dangerous path...but most fulfilling too. My heart will be broken more friends have bad news, as Inara grows up and rebels against us (and God), as people I love dearly experience deep pain.

But dear readers, isn't that the most wonderful thing about The Cross. It offers hope, in a hopeless world. It offers peace, when there is no people to be had. The Cross changes everything. When you put your hope in Christ, your circumstances do not change. Christians experience pain, and job loss, and sickness. BUT Christ is bigger. I know my friends who have/are experience awful things do not have to be overcome by sorrow. YES there is sorrow when your spouse has cancer, YES there is despair when your child is very ill. But there is a hope that cannot be taken away. Hope in knowing our biggest problem (the cancer of our heart-sin) has been defeated. There is hope waiting for those who believe, in a place where there is no more pain, no more tears, only Christ...only Joy...only Peace.

So as I pray for my friends, I'll pray for me too. I pray that I would not loose sight of what matters most. Please join me in fighting for those who cannot carry this burden alone. Place them at Christ's feet. He has mercy to help in our time of need.

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  1. I started to write a post today that was going to say exactly this. Only I couldn't figure out how to say it - thank you. I will continue to grieve & hurt for our friends - more importantly remember to lay them at Christ's feet.


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