Friday, October 1, 2010

Inara the cat

She is so funny. My Dad said today that she reminds him of a cat...and I think I agree! Dogs are funny because they just do what you want. You throw the ball, they will ALWAYS chase a ball. But cats....they are a little different. They will only do the stuff when they want to. That is how Inara is. She will cuddle, but it has to be when she is ready. She is such a silly girl. Can you believe she is 10 months? I surely can't! I have started planning her 1st birthday crazy is that?!

She can now pull her self up. Its super fun to watch her grow up to be a big girl...well maybe not "big", but older. It is funny because everything is so much bigger than she is. So she CAN pull herself up, but she gets frustrated when she can't because everything is too tall for her.

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