Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We survived!

So this past week is sponsored by the following: a sprained knee, snotty noses, and a cavity!

If you can't tell, it has been a pretty fun week at the Duke home :) Last Tuesday Justin was playing some soccer with some friends and sprained his knee. He is doing better now (though still icing it and taking it easy), but the 1st couple days he was really sore and hurting too :( Luckily though it wasn't anything huge. It would be pretty horrible to take care of our kid without my partner in crime.

Saturday morning Inara woke up and was VERY snotty, a fever (her first), and a barking like cough. The nurse in me was all "Oh no, it could be Whooping Cough or Croup". We called her PCP office and they said since she was a premie and their office is closed until Tuesday to go ahead and take her to Children's Hospital. I was a little sad at first...OH NO! Tears started to come to think of her going back to a hospital. But I quickly pulled it together. $150 ER co-pay later....just a cold! I was very thankful. The good news: she just had a cold. The bad news: she was sick and STILL didn't want to was the worst. Good thing my BFF is having a baby soon, I know I will get my snuggle fix from him/her. She is just about snot free now.

Today I went to the dentist for the 1st time in about a year. I know...shame shame. When I was preggers, brushing my teeth made me SOOOO sick. So I'll admit it: I only brushed a couple times a week. So going in today I knew I would get "a talkin' to". Well I was right, but only 1 cavity! Last time I got a cavity filled I opted out of the numbing medicine. I don't like needles, and the thought of them sticking one in my gums was horrible! Well the Dentist today explained to me that the DO put a needle in my gum, but only AFTER they numb it with a gel. WHAT?! How did the previous Dentist leave out that VERY important detail. I was amazing! What a crazy person I was to have opted out last time. He did inform me my wisdom teeth need to come out, but luckily it doesn't have to be ASAP. But I REALLY love that office. Everyone is So nice and they are really gentle. Here is their information. It is a Father/Son practice, which I think is fun. But seriously...if you are looking for a new one...go there!

This is Inara asleep right after her bottle.
She was SO sleepy with her little sickness

I'll have some questions in my next post to all you moms out stay tuned to offer your advice! :)


  1. I'm glad you posted that dentist info--I really need to go too but have been dreading the verbal lashing I'll get after neglecting my teeth during pregnancy....I was the same way, brushing made me nauseous so I tried to avoid it which was a horrible idea considering how often I was throwing up and then I was only able to take my gummy vits which were basically pure sugar ugh! I'll have to try this practice though :-)


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