Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild woman!

This weekend is brought to you by Mommy and Daddy time. We were able to spend quite a bit of time over the weekend Inara free. Saturday my wonderful parents watched her so we could go to the pool with some friends. It was VERY lovely. The weather was wonderful. And I found NKY's best kept secret. Should I tell you? I am afraid if I tell everyone, then it won't be as lovely. Well here it goes blogworld....The Union Pool. Wow, this little beauty is hiding behind the trees off U.S. 42. It was a gorgeous saturday afternoon and we counted 50 people and mostly adults. They have adult swim for 15 minutes every hour (but not like you need it because there are so few kiddos), its only $5, and they have shaded picnic tables.


Sunday our friends watched Inara in the evening so we could go on a little date. We went to Famous Dave's and then to Starbucks. I have been craving Famous Dave's for months, so it was nice to finally get my fix. Justin and I were able to have some nice non-interrupted conversation. Inara really is great....but so is Justin. Spending time alone with him is SUPER GREAT!

So lately Inara has be CRAZY! She is super squirmy and already wants to be in everything. She wants what your holding and even wants my face. She is often grabbing my lips, cheeks, and chin. No matter what I am doing she always wants a part of it. It definitely seems like when she is older she will always want to help out and do everything by her self. She is already so independent. It is great, but also sad. At one point this week she laid her head on my shoulder only long enough to realize "Hey...why is my head down? There is too much stuff to do", then quickly started scanning the room again. I thought to myself, "My little baby is already grown up! She will never snuggle with me again. The next time I see my Mother and Father, I am going to give them a long hug". (And I did give them long hugs).

Will she ever snuggle me again?


  1. she will snuggle but only when she is super sleepy. that's when i get kali snuggles. it's wonderful. as are date nights!!! i live in union and we have been talking about going to the union pool. we will definitely check it out soon!

  2. Hopefully she will start to snuggle again!


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