Friday, July 2, 2010

The Art and Science of Whining

So the week Inara has mastered the art of whining. It's really great...NOT. At first, I was all like "Awe..poor baby whats wrong?" Hungry-nope, tired-nope, dirty-nope, being a turd-yes! And its not crying, its a whine and it can get old fast! It is quite a learning lesson too on patience, pride, name it and crying baby will teach it to you! I try to remember to tell her that I love her and speak kindly to her even when she is whining. I want to get in the habit of not only loving her when she is good or loves me back. I know one day she will break my heart into a million little pieces, I hope I can learn little lessons now so I can put them into practice later when it will be much harder I am sure.

It is quite a task and is SUCH a testament to how much Jesus loves his children. Do I whine? YES! Am I hungry-nope, dirty-nope, tired-nope, being a turd-yes! God supplies everything I NEED in Christ, but the Grace doesn't end there! He supplies the desires of my heart and gives me wonderful things through Common Grace! Yet, I find stuff to be discontent about. I am SO thankful I have a loving, graceful, forgiving, and merciful Father to teach me. Being a Mom is hard work on the Heart too. Luckily Christ will guide me through it. I know I will make mistakes with our little babe, some big and some small. It is definitely reassuring to know when I make those mistakes, it is nothing too big for the Cross to conquer. Christ forgives my sins, and will help heal those I sin against.

Who would have thought a whining babe could bring such thoughts? I look forward to learning more about our Father, and through that becoming a much better Mother!

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