Thursday, May 27, 2010

This week (after I spilled 6 ounces of my milk), I had to give Inara her 1st bottle of formula. I as very sad at first. To me it felt like the beginning of the end of her getting my milk. I am so thankful to say that it went fine! No watery poo, painful tummy or vomiting! Because my supply has drooped so much lately we have decided to give her 1 bottle of formula a day. Her pediatrician really would like her to get breast milk for 3 more months. So I suppose that is my new goal. I have no idea why I was freaking out about the formula...I'm a crazy woman! =)

Inara started waking up with the sun....blerg! She woke up at 630 yesterday morning. Well we must put and end to that! Yesterday my wonderful father came over to help me rig up a towel over the window until we can get REAL blackout curtains...the result = her sleeping until 8am when I woke her up! Go Kiddo!

I am loving this weather! It is so nice and warm outside. I have noticed quite a bit of wildlife from our kitchen window: cats, dogs, bunnies, frogs, birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. It's a fun little surprise to look out the window when I am doing dishes to see Gods creation.

Recently we have noticed that Inara isn't too flexible with her schedule. The main purpose is that she will learn to adjust to our life and not that our life will be centered around her. Of course we will have to make changes, but so will she. I realized though, that she isn't flexible, because I am not flexible. I want her schedule to be perfect and totally predictable because I like order. I am learning quite quickly that things are not in my control anymore. It is a good lesson that God is teaching me. That if her schedule is off by a little, or she doesn't get as long of a nap as she normally does...then no big deal. We will just adjust. I don't like change. I like predictability and order (as I said before), but God knows what I need, and it must be to learn that I am not in control of every thing, and that it is O.K. No more than O.K. It is good, because He is good.

In other news, we have been a 1 car family for about a week and it looks like we will be doing it for quite some time again. Justin's car is donezo. So once again we look for another car. Luckily some great friends of ours have lent us their car for the week. It is obvious that God has terminated the season of our monetary blessing. But I am thankful he is still so good, and much more valuable than stuff.

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