Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today is our little kiddo is 6 months old. It is SO crazy how fast these 6 months have gone by. Here is a few of her accomplishments:

11/19/09 - born at 3lbs 1 oz and pulled out her breathing tube- out little miracle!

12/22/09 - came home just in time for Christmas

1/20/10- my due date (She came 2 months early), 6.5 pounds

2/20/10- 3 months old, starting to smile at us more, 9lbs 3oz, and sleeping through the night!

3/22/10- 4 months old, 10 lbs 6 oz, still loves to cuddle :)

4/17/10- started sleeping 10 hours through the night, interested in rolling over, loved bath-time with dad

5/20/10- 6months old, rolled over and hated it, doesn't want to cuddle any more, smiles and giggles all the time, weighs 12 lbs 5 oz

She is so special to me. I am sure EVERY mother thinks (well...knows) their kiddo is special, but she really is :) When naming her we thought very much about what her name means. Inara means "Heaven Sent" and Sarai means "Princess". Before she was born I would pray for her life. I would ask that she would love God and therefor be a "princess" as a daughter of King Jesus, and that she would be "Heaven Sent" in to people's lives to be a blessing to them.

Lately a few people have really been smitten by our little lady. Of course I think she is great, and people might just be blowin' smoke, but the general consensus is that she is pretty great and a little sweetie. I'm sure all mom think this...but I am just sure God has special plans for her. It seems so evident to me. Even the way she came into our lives was so special....a surprise pregnancy and and surprise delivery! We love her so much!

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