Thursday, April 29, 2010

Growing up

These past couple weeks Inara has grow up so much! I keep saying "she's not a baby anymore". I remember people telling me to enjoy every minute because it goes by so they were right! About a week ago, Inara woke up and was unhappy so I tried to console her and cuddle her (which she loved to do), only to find that she was NOT interested in being cuddled. It was sad :( She is far too interested in what is going on around her to cuddle with mom. I know it is a good thing, but just a little weird that she is already growing up and I don't' have a cuddly baby anymore.

She also is MUCH more vocal these days. Last night she was playing quietly on her little mat. Justin and I started to have some time with God. Inara started talkin up a storm. She was SOO loud. She was screaming and talking, but it was all happy noises. And wouldn't you know, as soon as we were done reading and started talking back and playing with her....she stopped :) It was like she was saying "Hellloooo what about me? Come play with ME". And just this morning she started screaming a very high pitched scream....ouch! It is playful still, but very loud nonetheless. She is also immitating us a LOT more.

Just today so much she has "said". I was talking to her and I said "Inara, Inara", to get her to look at me. She turned looked at me...and I SWEAR she said Inara. It was crazy! Even my friend noticed. I was laying down with her on the floor and saying colors. She was holding a yellow toy, so I say "Yellow", over and over again, then she said it too. It was so crazy and so sweet! I just love her to much. Its crazy how excited you can get over something so small!

Here is her official 5 month pic taken from Portrait Innovations.

Here is a picture I took at home in my FAVORITE outfit she has. My BFF Katie made it for her for one of my showers...and yes I still have a BFF.

She also made a matching hat that says her name, but I couldn't get any good shot of it with her name on it while she was wearing it

She has also made some big strides in sleeping. We recently started feeding her every 3.5 hours instead of every 3 and thanks to another friend we figured out how to drop her late night feeding. So currently she is sleeping 10 hours! Go girl! little babe. She is growing up!

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