Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our little chunk!

So as of last night it is official! Inara has passed the 4 pound mark and now weighs...wait for it...a whopping 4lbs 2.5 oz. She gained almost 3 ounces in one day. She is a champ!

Speaking of her being a champ, Saturday the nurse told my parents that the doctor wanted to send her home the next day, or Monday. WHAT THE WHAT?! I about had a heart attack. We had no car seat, and had only fed her by our selves a few times. When we went to visit on Sunday, something terrifying/good happened. When I was feeding her, she stopped breathing and was blue. I sat her up and patted (more like pounded), her back. Then the nurse came and took her away to give her some oxygen, she started breathing again (and so did I). This REALLY scared Justin and I. It's like I know CPR, but we don't have oxygen at home to give her. The nurse suggested I "room in" (aka stay the night in the Nursery) with her, and do all her feedings. I agreed. I was scared she would do that again!

But once again, it scared me, but God knew what was going on. When I came back to the hospital that night the MD was there and the nurse and I explained what happened. Apparently it happened again while the nurse was feeding her too. He agreed that she actually was NOT ready to go home...and Justin and I weren't ready either. So for now, she stays! What a blessing this scary little episode was. I am thankful that it happened there before she came home, so that they could see she was not ready. It gives me SO much peace to know, that even though the doctors think they know what is best, ultimately Christ (the great physician) truly is in control of her life, and thankfully ours too! Go GOD!

This picture is for Lewis. Dad and Inara napping together. I think the 1st of many!

Visual proof of her 6th right toe!


  1. This whole post is adorable! Her little face is so sweet, that picture of her sleeping with Justin is too much, I even love that she has 6 toes on one foot. It's so... Justin and Lauren of you!

    Praying for you!

    -Kara Hanks

  2. Your updates are so detailed it is like having a conversation with you about Inara. I do feel I am able to pray better after I read your post:) God's timing is always right! stand firm God is preparing you for the trip home with her YOU will be ready when the time comes!!! Love you all Diane Markesbery

  3. I just saw this post so thanks for the pic! I'm glad to know things are still going well!


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