Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stitch Fix #6

I received my 6th fix this month! It is always so fun to get something fun in the mail for ME, that isn't a bill or junk mail.

So what IS Stitch Fix?

Create your style profile  
Fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about your style.
You can even link it up to a specific Pinterest board.

Get five hand picked items
You can even specify what you want/don't want. (No jewelry, only dresses, etc)

Keep what you like and send back the rest
Try on the items in the comfort of your own home.
Send back items in bag with pre-paid shipping.

Comes with styling tips
Each piece comes with styling tips,
how to dress it up or dress it down
Ok, so how much does this cost?

$20 Styling fee
Use this towards the cost of your final order

Get 25% off
If you keep all 5 items, they give you 25% off your purchase

Average price
They state on their average price per items is $65, that being said most of my items have been under $50.

Here's what I got this month!

My first item was a Papermoon Holburn Keyhole Top. The back was sheer
and perfect for hot summer nights. It was $48 and I kept it!
This was the Papermoon Holland Zipper Blouse. It looked SO much better off than on.
It was just too big, especially around the arms and just hung on me, kind of weird.
It too would have been perfect for the summer, as it was a really thin material. It was $44 and was sent back.

Ugh! I almost didn't post his picture because both pieces were so bad. They don't look as bad
in the picture as they did in real life. The Dear John Roll Cuff Shorts were too long and
just screamed "I'm an uncool Mom", plus they were $58. No thanks! I really liked this
Papermoon Sheydon Trim Blouse, but it too was just a tad too big and hung off me.
It was $44 and was also sent back.

This Skies are Blue Haleiwa Tie-neck top actually looks way better in pictures than in real life.
That piece at the bottom was see through. Not a huge deal, but it also just was in a weird
spot on the shirt and brought attention to my muffin top :) It was $44 and was sent back

My little shadow wanted in on the show, too :)
Each piece comes with a styling card to show you how to dress up and dress down each piece. 

Overall I was pretty happy with this month. I liked most of the pieces, but they didn't fit right. This happened last month too, so I think I need to make my shirt size a small instead of a medium and see if that helps. I think I am probably in between a small and a medium, but the brand sizes seem to run a little large, so I'll see how the next month goes :) And if you haven't tried it, you totally should :) And don't forget to sign up under my link! I'd love you forever for it! 


  1. I always love seeing your stitch fix orders. I am glad you specified that they looked better in the pics than in real life because the one with the shorts and the floral top looked so cute to me! I understand though, and for that price you really need to love it. The top that you kept was definitely my favorite!

    1. Yeah, it was crazy when I saw the pictures my Mom took. She agreed that most of them didn't look great on me, that's why it was so surprising to see them looking "good" in the pics.

  2. i really liked the floral one, but i know how annoying an ill-fitting top can be.


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