Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Birthday Letter

Inara, I simply cannot believe 5 years have past since you were born into this world so abruptly. I couldn't have hoped things would have turned out as well as they did! But God had different plans.

I used to tell Mamaw I was never having kids because they ruin your life. And Baby, I couldn't have been farther from the truth. The ONLY thing that you have done has been making my life richer. I know when you read this when you are older, you will roll your eyes. And I totally get that. That was me! But one day, when you have children, then you will finally understand how much I love you. You try to tell me that you love me more, and my answer is always "Impossible."

Inara means "Heaven sent", and we prayed you would be a blessing to those you met. But honestly, I never thought I would be the biggest benefactor! You are so sweet and giving. You give away your toys to anyone. Seriously, nearly every friend who comes to visit, leaves with something. It's so sweet to see your generous spirit. You really are just too sweet. Tonight after some cake and ice cream with Mamaw and Papaw, you said "I just don't think a birthday could get any better." 

You are such a good big sister. You always look out for Shepherd. Just the other day I heard you say "Come here, buddy. Let me wipe your nose." And that's just what you did. You can make him laugh and he often will says "Sister. Sister." But by far the sweetest thing is when you help me put him to bed. We rock in the chair together as you help me sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and he always asks for another kiss from us both once he's in his crib.

You are so fun and so very smart. Too smart sometimes. Dad and I can't really spell things around you anymore, because you figure them out. You like to learn about really anything. You tell me you want to be a veterinarian, and I believe you! When the World Cup was on, you learned a lot about other countries, and you still remember those things too. It's fun to see how your brain works. Since you are so smart, you make some good jokes too.

Just recently you have become quite the artist. You went from scribbles to really good drawings in the matter of about 3 or 4 weeks. It's fun to see you use your imagination and nearly everything you color is rainbow colors.

Baby, you are just the best. Momma loves you so much. And we always talk about who loves you the most. You know the answer is God, and I'm praying for that knowledge to make its way to your heart. Its interesting though. It seems the harder time I have parenting and just screwing up, the softer your heart becomes for things of the Lord. So if it takes years and years of me coming and asking for forgiveness, and just being a total parental mess for you to run to Jesus..I'll gladly do it. I see so many wonderful things you could do for the Lord when you are older. But why wait, you really are doing so many wonderful things now! You are such a sweet and precious gift to me from God. I pray I'll hold you loosely, while also wrapping you in my arms. Inara Sarai Duke, you will always be my baby :)

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  1. So she is going to start kindergarten next year? How exciting. She certainly is a smart cookie and very sweet and perceptive too. Happy Birthday Inara!


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