Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

 This is my fourth fix and probably my last one for awhile. My referral credit is gone and so is my birthday credit. So until Christmas comes or other people sign up under me, I'll be having a hiatus. PS, the few people who have signed up under me are amazing! You can sign up and get refer other people to you! I've probably gotten $100 is free clothes, just from referrals!

So what IS Stitch Fix?

Create your style profile  
Fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about your style.
You can even link it up to a specific Pinterest board.
Get five hand picked items
You can even specify what you want/don't want. (No jewelry, only dresses, etc)
Keep what you like and send back the rest
Try on the items in the comfort of your own home.
Send back items in bag with pre-paid shipping.
Comes with styling tips
Each piece comes with styling tips,
how to dress it up or dress it down
Ok, so how much does this cost?
$20 Styling fee
Use this towards the cost of your final order
Get 25% off
If you keep all 5 items, they give you 25% off your purchase
Average price
They state on their average price per items is $65, that being said most of my items have been under $60.

So I'll be honest, this was my least favorite fix. But mostly because I forgot it was coming and didn't leave specific instructions on what I wanted. Here's what I got!

First of all, I love opening my box to find a personal note each time!

Please excuse the terrible lighting. I'm obviously not a fashion blogger :)

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sweater!

It was SO cute and had black sparkly stripes down the side.
You can't tell in this picture, but it was unfortunately it was
about a size too big. I couldn't justify $68 on a too big sweater, even if it
was super dreamy and comfy.

I was not as excited about this blouse.
(PS, does anyone else hate that word?)

Justin and I both agreed it looked better on. It had a great fit,
but we didn't love the pattern. Plus for $58, I'll pass.

I wasn't sure why they sent me a maxi dress heading into fall, but whatevs.

Turns out it was so soft, comfy, and flattering.
Buuuut also $74 so no thanks!

I have 2 pairs of jeans from this Just Black brand, and LOVE them.
That being said, they had a price tag of $88. And I don't need 3 pairs of
skinny jeans. The jeans I wore in the pictures above are the ones
I bought from my second fix.

Here's item #5. A minimalist necklace $28

Like I said before, this was my least favorite fix. However, I normally give VERY specific instructions on what (and what not) to send, and I had a blonde moment and forgot to do that this time. I would have asked for tops only and said specifically no jewelry, accessories, pants, or dresses. I really do feel like when you give specific instructions, the stylists do what you ask. I had $29 in credit. $20 paid for my box to be sent to me, so I kind of felt if I didn't buy ANYTHING it would be wasted credit. I've been wanting a simple necklace and have watching Stella Bella Boutique because I love her necklaces and earrings. So I only kept the necklace.

Even though I didn't love my fix this month, I still give Stitch Fix 2 thumbs up! It's made my try (and like) articles of clothing I would have otherwise overlooked. Like that blouse from this fix? I NEVER would have tried on that style. But now I see how it's actually flattering and comfortable. So when I shop on my own, I can look for similar items. And if you haven't tried it, you totally should :) And don't forget to sign up under my link! I'd love you forever for it!

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