Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's in Our Box?

In the last post, I shared how awesome and life changing the boxes can be for kiddos. This post is more about what to pack in your box. I figured I would show you guys how easily it is to pack a box filled with items to change a child's life and how to do it without breaking the bank. I'll break down what is in each box and how much we spent. I'm no expert, especially since this is just my first year, and I am sure there are cheaper ways to do it and better items, but I figured it would still be helpful to see what's in a box. Some of the items have weird prices because I divided the total cost between all boxes. So here are the 5 boxes we have packed, so far.

Boy (Age 2-4)
Total cost $13.60

Ruler- $0.25
Maraca- Unused toy from my house
Library shirt- Inara got this from reading books, but didn't want it. So I saved it for a box!
Hard candy- $0.60- I found 3 bags on clearance and divided them between all the boxes
Coloring roll- $3
Band-aids- Free (I had 3 unopened boxes, I split between all the boxes)
Crayons $0.50
Finger puppet- Unused toy
Punch ball balloon- $0.25 (Pack of 4 divided between boxes)
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Toy- $4 (clearance section at Kroger)
Toothpaste- Free from Inara's dental cleaning
Flossers- Free from dental cleaning
Tooth brush- Free from my bathroom closet
String bag- Free from VBS
Flashlight with batteries- $3
Soap- $0.5

Girl (Age 2-4)
Total cost: $11.60

Shirt- $1 (Clearance at Kroger)
Minnie Mouse Toy- $4 (Clearance at Kroger)
Flossers- Free from dental cleaning
Toothbrushes- Free from dental cleanings
Flashlight with batteries- $3
Bracelets- $0.50
Castanets- Unused toy from home
Crayons- $0.50
Flashcards- Free from house. (I bought them $1 at the Target dollar spot, but Inara never used them)
Band-aids- Free
Bag- Free from VBS
Punch Balloon- $0.25
Soap- $0.50
Happy Meal Toy- Free
Hair rubber bands- Free because I have ONE MILLION of them for Inara
Barrettes- Free- Bought them for Inara and after they were opened (of course) they never used

Girl (Age 10-14)
Total Cost: 12.85

Bag- Free from donation at church
Homemade sewing kit- Thimble, needle, thread, tape measure- Free from my sewing box
Ribbon- Free from sewing box- Could use to embellish clothes or tie in hair
Bow- Free- bought for Inara, she didn't like it.
Stretchy headbands- $4
Clips- $4
Earrings (3 pair)- Free- Made by me
Band-aids- Free
Candy- $0.60
Ruler $0.25
Soap- $0.50
Poncho- Free from my bathroom closet
Bracelets- Free (bogo at Kroger)
Solar string lights- $2- Clearance at IKEA
Composition book- $0.50
Colored Pencils- $0.50

Boy (Age 10-14)
Total Cost: $12.60

I rearranged a few items from other boxes and added them after I took this picture.
This one looked kind of empty when I compared it to the others

String backpack bag- Free from VBS
Composition book- $0.50
Candy- $0.60
Colored Pencils- $0.50
Legos- $6 for 2 packs (Target Clearance)
Ruler- $0.25
Paddle ball- Free from (BOGO at Kroger)
Flossers- Free from dental cleaning
Soap- $0.50
Jump Rope- $1
Gum- Free (Unused from my junk drawer)
Flashlight with batteries- $3
Punch balloon- $0.25

Boy (Age 10-14)
Total Cost: $7.35

Deck of cards- Free (Unused from my junk drawer)
HUGE bag- Free from Justin's video game tournament (Seriously, it's the size of the table)
Toothbrush- Free from dental cleaning
Gum- Free
Candy- $0.60
Solar string light- $2
LEGO- $3
Composition book- $0.50
Soap- $0.50
Band-aids- Free
Punch Balloon- $0.25
Colored Pencils- $0.50
Flossers- Free

I think what has been really apparent in packing the boxes is the sovereignty and the love of God. At first I was stressed about some of the items I was packing. Like that little tank top. I worried, "but what if its sent to a little girl in a cold climate?" Or the solar lights, "what if that gets sent to a kid who doesn't need that or doesn't get a lot of sun?" Bt then I remember, God knows! God knows where each box is going and WHO is receiving each box. So the box that I packed that has double toothbrushes, I'm praying that goes to a child with a sibling. It has been so encouraging to follow Operation Christmas Child on Facebook, I highly suggest it! Here are some of my favorite stories that show how big our God is!

 "The story that we like the best is the one from a little girl who has leukemia (final stage). She opened her shoebox and found a hat that she needed because she didn't have any more hair. We were surprised how God gave each child what he or she needed. Only God knows what our needs are."
"When I was a child I went to Sunday school at a local church. I did not have a father, and when I needed something my mom would tell me to 'ask God in prayer'. I wanted to have a watch, so I prayed for it. Later, our church had a Christmas celebration and at the end we had OCC gifts given to us. When I opened my box I found a watch. I was so glad that such a great God in heaven had answered my prayer! I had that watch even after I finished high school and for many years it was a testimony that God answers prayers. Now I am 25 and I always wanted to write a letter of thanks to the family that put my shoebox together, but I did not have a chance. Right now I work with children and we also distribute shoe boxes among them. It is a huge blessing for me." 
"After one distribution in Lithuania, a girl came up to us and shared her story. That week their class was going to the swimming pool. It's a great event for the kids living in a village area. The girl had one problem – she didn't have slippers and without them kids were not allowed to come into the pool. When the girl opened her box and found slippers, she was so excited that she rushed toward us to tell of her great miracle and show us proof that God really cares about her!" 
Seriously guys, you should follow them on Facebook to see story after story of God answering the prayers of little children and changing their lives. This is my first year, have you guys ever packed boxes before? Any tips?


  1. Wow, you knocked it out of the park. Great job. Total score on the minnie mouse. Sedona loves those and usually it would cost more for the toy than you spent on the whole box. I remember you mentioning that Kroger had some clearance stuff. Anyway, love the stories. That is such a worthy cause.

  2. Thanks! Our Kroger ALWAYS has great toys on clearance. Last week I got a $12 Bubble Guppies toy for $3 :)


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