Monday, June 16, 2014

My toddler boy

Gosh, that can't be true? Some how, some way.....I have a toddler. Here's my 15 month update (2 months late) on our little dude. Because sorry, you're the second child and well child checks are never on time. Seriously, if I had more than 2, they'd NEVER get to the doctor!

Weight: *Mom fail, I threw away the paper with his information on it
Length: *I am basically a rockstar  :)
Favorite moments:hearing him laugh and giggle with Inara, getting big open mouth sloppy kisses
Least favorite moments: Him waking up tired and grumpy with the sun
Milestones: Started walking around 14 months, signs more, help, please, and eat. Climbs everything. New words every day.
Likes: being outside, cars, dogs, Inara, Pawpaw, EATING
Dislikes: Getting snack catcher taken away, being told no

This little guy is such a dude.  He LOVES cars and trucks. Each time he sees one, he says "vroom, vroom".  And when we get to watch the garbage truck, its the best thing ever.  He can find a ball from a mile away, and NEVER stops eating.  He is sweet and will gives kisses, but oh my! This kiddo has a temper. He has recently been hitting when I say "no". Which is kind of a lot because he's a crazy boy who want to scale everything in my house. He follows Inara around like he is her shadow, and gets SO sad when she wants to play by her self in her room. When she is gone, however, he is a different kid. He is much more calm and playful, and actually acts like a toddler.  He just is frustrated all the time when they are together because he loves her so much, and just wants to be with her. It really is super sweet.  

I mean, look at this kid?  He hopped up on the couch, grabbed the ipad and was swiping away :)

See? He climbs EVERYTHING! We are in trouble! But look at his cute face :)

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  1. Ohhh, that is exactly how I feel. The whole toddler thing and I am terrible with stats like height, weight, teeth. Terrible. He is a super cute little guy!


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