Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is our Easter candy worth it?

Last September, I went to the Influence Conference, and I learned a lot of things. Some of those things I am still processing.  One of the phrases that stuck in my head was "You don't have to do everything. But you can do something."  Sometimes it seems overwhelming with so many good charities, organizations, and missions available. How do I choose which one to participate in? In true awesomeness, I usually tend to get overwhelmed and not do anything. But walking away from the conference I felt empowered. I can't support every good cause that comes my way, but just choose something, and do it. I know. I'm pretty profound.

Photo from Food Empowerment Project

So anyway, I'd like to share with you a simple way to make a difference. Easter is coming up and soon, and baskets will be filled with chocolate, candy, and little bunnies.  But what if buying your kids, grandkids, or students at school candy for their basket, meant that another child was sold to make it?  Is that worth it?

Hop on over, and read my full post at The Healthy Hen.

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