Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The latest quotes

I keep forgetting to keep her little quotes updated. But I love them because they are little glimpse in her little mind!

Oh my, some of these are so old, but I want to remember them!

On our way back from Florida, when she woke up in cold Kentucky, Inara said "Fall tricked us mom. It's supposed to be cool but it warm here. I don't care about the cold weather mom. I ONLY care about the warm weather and being warm."

Inara and I were playing Star Wars and I was pretending Darth Vader was coming back to life.
Inara: This is Star Wars Ten, where Darth Vader keeps coming back and back and back to life. 
Me: How do we defeat him then?
Inara: With the force of course!

Inara was trying to tell Shepherd what to do, while I was sitting right there
Me: Thanks for helping, but I'll be his mom, you can just be the sister
Inara: Well, you can be his mom, but I'm his lesser mom

We were watching a lot of Ninjago and she starts running around twirling in her dress. "My ninja move is twirl power!"

"Mom, last night I had. Bad dream about dinosaurs. When I close my eyes the bad dream has the same episode but then when I open them the channel changes!"

Justin: Inara, what are you doing in there (the bathroom)Inara: Oh, I'm just doing my science experiment

Guess what? If Tick-Tock-Crock ate Captain Hook's other hand he would be called Captain Hooks.

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