Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big girl

Dear Inara,

Something happened over these past 2 weeks, I blinked and you are no longer a little kid or a toddler...you are a big kid. It may be that you got your first pair of real shoes. Up until this point you only had crocs or sandals. You picked them out yourself. They are pink sequined with a glittery Hello Kitty on them. Or maybe it was that you picked out your own clothes this week too. So I saw a glimpse of the super girlie girl inside. All bright colors, pinks, purples, blues. Fluffy skirts with tights and sparkles or sequins on EVERYTHING. Maybe it's how you've been acting. So helpful, super sweet, unbelievably caring. Sure you're still a little stinker at times but those instances are few and far between. You're just so...big. You love Shepherd fiercely, and never get jealous. You are so well spoken and do a great job of just being honest. "Nice cowgirl boots, mom!" Will forever be in my mind when I put on my boots.

On a super long trip to Florida to see Mimi and PapPap you were amazing! I was hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. You barely slept, but we're such a trooper! You watched like 7 movies, didn't complain, and tried really hard to be considerate of your sleeping sick brother. On 4 hours a sleep you were still pleasant (mostly) and had a great first day of our vacation.

I really just can't believe how big you are and how fast you're growing up. This is a really fun and sweet time with you. You love to snuggle up with me and Dad. You are definitely a Daddy's girl, but still like me too:) So that's fun. It's so awesome to see you and Dad together. He gets you laughing super hard like only a few people can.

I love you so much. One day, I pray you'll be able to experience thee wonderful mysterious love of a mother.

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  1. She is so sweet. I loved seeing all of your Disney photos!


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