Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back

I walked into the bedroom this morning to grab some stuff to get ready for church.  I looked in the bed and there was a big lump completely under the covers and 3 pillows.  My first thought "This is sexy". It wasn't sarcasm, that was legitimately my first thought.  I'll tell you why it was sexy.  He worked 22 of the past 31 hours.  9 of those hours were overtime.  He has chosen to work doubles on Saturdays, (even though that means about 5 hours of sleep on Friday nights, and about 6ish hours of sleep on Saturday night) so he can have an extra day off to spend with us at home.  Inara. Shepherd. Me. He is choosing us over sleep and comfort. He is sacrificing for his family. He is giving, giving, giving...and that my friends is the definition of sexy.

I see people and Christians posting Instagrams with hash tag #mcm or #mancandymonday.  I always think its weird or whatever, but its more than that. It is a lie.  Ryan Gossling's piercing blue eyes aren't created to love you like Christ loved the church.  Channing Tatum's abs aren't made to sacrifice and show you the love of Christ.  Husbands were. Husbands are sexy.  The fact that Justin always seems to change Shep's poopy diapers....that's sexy and that is #mancandymonday.

Justin is far from perfect, but what if we has wives spoke up for them.  What if we posted pictures of our mowed lawn after a long day at work...#mancandymonday?  What if when you saw that hashtag you saw exhausted husbands and dads (albeit imperfectly) loving their families?  What if teen guys, single dudes, and weary husbands saw what a real man should be? What if girls and women around Facebook and Instagram saw what real men look like?  Lies replaced with truth.  Striving replaced with hope. Ladies, you'll probably never marry a Ryan Gossling or Channing Tatum, (even if you do, he'll get old, fat, and's true) but you can stop believing and spreading the lie of what a real man is. Dudes, you'll likely never be Ryan or Channing, but there is hope for you in Christ to be manly, strong, and brave!

Like I said, Justin isn't perfect. Neither am I.  But I am so super thankful that because Jesus saved Justin from his own sin and selfishness, the Gospel is preached in our home.  Inara will grow up seeing an example of a real man.  And, Lord willing, she'll let someone like him love and pursue her.  Shepherd will see what kind of man he can be, in Christ. And, Lord willing, he'll not believe the lie of the world says.

*This is not me saying my husband is perfect. He's not. He's a sinner who needs Jesus just like every other husband and person that ever lived. This is me being thankful for how God is changing him to be more like Jesus*

Here are some pics of what a real man looks like, just for reference :)

I normally have to tell him to take a nap,
because he rarely asks for more rest.

Helping Inara learn about how to embrace how God made her to be feminine,
and how to be content with her looks/clothes at the same time
 I know I don't have a lot of  "followers" but lets blow up Facebook and Instagra, this week by posting about a #realman.  It doesn't have to be a husband or a dad either. I know plenty of dudes who work hard, are courageous enough to turn their eyes away from the magazine rack and the grocery, or who choose to love the lost.  Post your photos this week!  Lets show the world a different kind of man. A real broken for the Lord.


I would love to hear what you think!

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