Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 months

Weight: 15lbs 8oz (75th percentile)
Length: 27 inches (20th percentile)
Favorite moments: Having him reach for me, consistently sleeping through the night (Yay for 12 hours!), playing with my hair or rubbing my face when I'm nursing him
Least favorite moments: None, he's a pretty easy baby
Milestones: Purposefully reaching for me, trying new foods, playing purposefully with toys
Likes: The Ergo, baths, Inara, Me (he is quite the Mamma's boy), being outside
Dislikes: taking naps, being put down
 Nicknames: Brudder, Shep, Buddy, Sheppy, Baby Chef, Duder(says Justin) Lil' Turkey, Dude, Bud
(Apparently we need to cool it with the nicknames.
He doesn't answer to his name when you say it,
and that is a milestone he is missing..ooops!)

Nom, nom! I love to suck on my toes!

This was right before he tried to eat my camera

Inara was laying on his back and he LOVED it

She however, does NOT love when he tries to eat her :)
Oh, hi there

This little guy is so sweet and I can't seem to get enough of him.  He just goes with the flow. He's done great in just about every way we stretch him. All day King's Island trip in the heat...no problem, 7 hour car ride...he can take it, Staying out for a late night move with his sister...no big deal.  He's so flexible, which is probably why it took him so long to FINALLY sleep though the night.  I am so happy that this month he got the memo and now sleeps from 8pm-8am. Thanks buddy!  He loves Inara and we are pretty sure she is is favorite family member. He just love her so much. See here for proof of their love:

Apparently this last for 5 mintues

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