Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweet sayings

Inara has been saying some pretty sweet and funny things lately. Here is her latest funny things:

Me and big one speak the same language.  We both speak Spanish to each other.

When I'm older and as big as God, then I can take a shower

I don't like it when the Grinch is in my mind

When I take one bite of an apple, its called an appetite

After reading the Jesus Storybook Bible "I love my daddies.  I love you and my other daddy, God"

Riding in the car we were talking about how Jesus is perfect but we are not perfect.  She is quiet for a long time, then says "Well the bottom of my dress is perfect and beautiful because its sparkly. So that's like Jesus. But the top isn't perfect and sparkly and that is like us."  It was so cute and sweet to see her put it in her terms. :) I just love my sweet girly girl!

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