Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A change will do you good

We are having a lot of changes in our home over the past 2 months. Here is the run down

New van
New baby
New jobs for both of us

While Justin was on leave with me for 2 weeks he got a really fun promotion.  He will be transferring to the Enquirer building downtown as Digital Editor/Producer. I am super proud of him and so thankful God answered "Yes" to this job. We have been praying for a new job for him for a few years and God's answer had always been "No".  We realized this summer that we were both idolizing getting a new job, but for different reasons.  Its been wonderful to be thankful for his new job, but to ultimately be more thankful for Christ.  

This job has a very interesting schedule- 4:30pm-1:30am and is off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  At first I was kind of nervous about his new schedule and not having dinner together much anymore. But with his previous schedule with lots of evening meetings he missed dinner and bedtime anyway. Plus, we will now have lunch together every day.  We will actually have more time together as a family since he doesn't have any meetings with his new position.

But because of his new position I couldn't work nights, weekends or really ANY shift with my current position. That was a real bummer because I really liked where I worked, the staff, and I actually like working nights.  I looked around and found a few positions that might fit me, and that I might be a good fit for too.  I applied for 4, and in 1 week had interviews for 3 of them. It was kind of crazy since I am still on maternity leave and nursing pretty frequently too.

So when I go back from maternity leave I will be going to Same Day Surgery. I am pretty excited about it. No weekends, no holidays, and the hours are perfect for us.  I am really excited to be off on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Most people are, but as a nurse I have worked nearly every major holiday for almost 7 years. Plus no one, I mean no one, ever leaves SDS so it must be a pretty amazing job! And as a bonus I already know a few of the nurses there :)

All of our changes are totally a God thing (although, being told "no" to new jobs over and over is also a God thing too).  When I was interviewing for 3 different positions, I wasn't nervous or worried at all. I knew that God would have me where he wants me. I think I just need to remember that as it gets closer to the end of my maternity leave.  My shift in SDS will start as early as 6am. Currently I am still getting up to feed Shepherd 2-3x a night...so up all night + 5am wake up time to work all day = even more exhausted.  I just need to remember that God knew what he was doing when he gave us a newborn and new jobs.

So this is a very exciting new chapter in our life. I typically don't like change, but I think this time (well every time it is good, but this time it feels like it will be good too).  Also the lack of blogging is directly correlated with my lack of sleep. I feel like a ton of posts swirling in my head and some half written, but as soon as Inara goes to bed...I have been relaxing/snoozing on the couch with Shepherd until his last feeding of the night. Maybe one day I'll actually get sleep again...yeah right! :)

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