Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jesus Calling

Before Shepherd was born, I knew I needed to have a plan of sorts of how I would spend time with the Lord. I knew I would be tired and likely sore from either type of delivery that happened.  Add to that a busy toddler and I was a little nervous how my time with Jesus would happen. I signed up for a yearly bible reading plan on YouVersion on my phone (knowing that I might not be able to keep up with the pace, but something is better than nothing) and started looking for a devotional of some sorts.  Most of them seemed either too long for what I was looking for or kind of just too corny.

Then stumbled upon this little daily devotional: Jesus Calling.  It really has been so wonderful for me to read and its perfect because I bought the nook version. Since I always have my phone, I'll always have access to this great little book. It is short but so full of encouragement and is written in a way that is so powerful, humbling, and awesome.  Each day is only a few paragraphs and a few verses, but it fills my soul with peace and the reminder that I can trust God.  When I start to freak out about being all alone with a newborn and a busy toddler in a few weeks, I am quickly reminded that I am not alone.  I never was and never will be.  God is sovereign and knew from the beginning of time when Shepherd would join our family and our circumstances at that time.  When I start to freak out about the lack of sleep I will have once I can't nap during the day when Justin is gone, this little devotional is perfectly timed to remind me to focus on Christ and not what I might be "lacking". To be thankful and not worry.

I thought once Shepherd was finally here safe and sound, I could relax. But that is not the case. I find my self worrying about even more ridiculous things.  I am thankful for the feast of comfort that I am getting in just a few paragraphs a day.  It is the perfect amount for this tired Mom.

I think whatever stage of life you are in, this little devotional is a great small addition or start to your time with the Lord.  Is there a devotional or book that you like to read when times are busy?

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