Saturday, January 19, 2013

39 weeks!

Today I caught my reflection in  glass at a store and thought "Woah...that's a LOT of belly" :)

39 weeks: Baby boy is the size of a mini watermelon and I can tell! He is very big and very active!  I have been trying some at home ways to try to get my body ready.  I don't have hopes of actually going into labor, just hoping there is enough stuff going on to be induced :)

Cravings: No cravings, but I finally want to eat again...hooray!

What Inara is saying: This week she actually hasn't talked much about him. This has been kind of nice actually. The closer it gets the more impatient I am getting about his arrival.  So the less she is talking about him the better :)  Although today she did ask "Mom, why is Shepherd naked in your belly? He needs clothes or he will be cold".

Weight gain: 30 pounds. I asked if it was ok, that I haven't gained weight in 3 weeks. They reassured me everything was fine since I am measuring right where I should be.

Things to remember:  God is being very intention in pursuing me and reminding me, that I am not in control. This is very good/hard for me right now.  I recently read this quote "Birth is God’s time. It can’t be rushed or programmed to suit anyone’s clock". So simple, yet so true. So I am waiting on his perfect timing for only HE has Shepherd's days numbered and knows everyone of them!

High Risk: Everything is going great. I only have 3 more NST left until my scheduled c-section/induction. It will be so nice when I don't have 3 appointments a week! Also only 3 more work days!

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