Friday, January 11, 2013

38 weeks!

I spent the week in my PJs
38 weeks: Wowza, what a week! Still pregnant...and feeling it! Baby boy is the size of a leek and I feel every single ounce he is gaining. This week has been a whirlwind! I have had a couple days where I am downright miserable. I am super thankful that God has given me extra energy/grace to not feel completely awful at work.  Then yesterday I woke up with some crazy, insane, skin crawling itchiness. I thought I had ICP as did my docs but everything came back fine. Looks like I spent the day in L&D triage for an allergic reaction!

Super happy because I was told I was having a baby!

Justin catching some rest. We both only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.
Cravings: No new cravings, but have had some nausea and feeling just really sick actually. Sometimes I basically have to make myself eat something

What Inara is saying: Well one morning she said I had a "princess baby" in my belly. I tried to explain that if anything I have a prince baby since Shepherd is a boy...she continued to argue with me :)  Last night while hugging my belly she asking "Momma, when is Shepherd going to come out of your belly? I want to see him". So do I do I@

Weight gain: 28 lbs, I actually lost 2 pounds since last week since I haven't been feeling too well. But they aren't concerned.

Things to remember: This week has been a really hard one for me physically.  I am sure everyone gets to this point in the pregnancy, but this is new for me. I have every GI upset, feel achey, can't move, and generally the worst I have ever felt in my life.  But God has been very good to provide a husband who loves and cares for me like no other. I seriously don't think I could have done this past week without him.  He has done numerous things to show his love to me and showing me Christ by laying down his life for me. Also, like I said before, I spent the day in L&D triage.  The day started out and I was told I would have a c/s since I had ICP. A few hours/tests later everything came back fine and they let me go home. I was happy since no delivery meant no c/s and still the possibility of a VBAC. But it was kind of a bummer to get excited about finally holding my baby boy and then not getting to. 

I ended up back in triage at 2:30am that night with unbearable itching...I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind with the itching. PS I LOVE all the docs at my practice. They were VERY sympathetic to my misery, assured me it was still likely NOT ICP, and gave me some medication to help with my skin.  I finally made it home by 10:00am and my wonderful father took Inara to his house so Justin and I could sleep...because he was up all night puking! Needless to say it has been a rough week for The Duke house and we are just taking it one day at a time around here! 

High Risk: Still biweekly NST and weekly appointments, and everything is going well!  

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  1. EEEE! You are getting so close. Bummer about the hospital stay. One of these days I am going to check in and see the update about the new baby. Yay!


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