Saturday, December 15, 2012

EEEEP, 34 weeks?!

34 weeks: Baby boy is the size of a Cantaloupe and last week at my U/S he weighed 4lbs 7oz.  He sure feels like a cantaloupe hanging out in there. He is big and makes his presence known...normally at night :) 34 more days to go!

Cravings:  Nothing particular I just am craving anything I don't have to make :)

What Inara is saying: Oh my gosh, she is seriously so sweet and so cute! I am sure she won't be in love with him as much when he arrives, so I am just taking it all in right now.  This week she said "I love Shepherd too".  She talks about him all time and seems just so excited to take care of him and teach him all kinds of things.  He is always in pictures that are drawn of the family and I just can't wait to snuggle both of my babies!

Weight gain: 27 lbs

Things to remember:  I defnitely am feeling way more pregnant this week.  I'll drop something on the floor and really think about whether its worth bending down to pick it up :)  Well I think my working 6 of 8 nights these past 2 weeks really made my kiddo on a night shift schedule. Unfortunately it's like clock work-around 11pm, he is awake and REALLY active. I am hoping since I'll be off 4 days before I deliver that will help him get a "normal" schedule.  Also this week I have felt him get the hiccups for the first time. Its pretty fun :)

High Risk: Still bi-weekly NST which isn't super great, but it IS super great to see his little chubby face once a week when the measure my amniotic fluid.  Check week I only have two appointments! Starting at 36 weeks I will go weekly (BOO), but it's all worth it to have a healthy pregnancy.  I still kind of can't believe that I am this far along and in 2 more weeks I get one last ultrasound before he is here!


  1. How exciting! I bet your daughter will love having him here. Maybe a little jealous from time to time, but she is going to love being a big sister.

    1. I hope she likes it! I am sure she won't be quite as excited but hopefully it stay for at least a little while!


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