Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 weeks and scheduled!

30 weeks: Baby is the size of a head of green cabbage. It's also crazy to think I have at MOST 63 days left of being pregnant because I scheduled my c/d today! SJD will be born 1/18/13 and sharing his birthday with his Auntie Becky.

Cravings: JUNK! I could eat out for every meal of every day. Trying not to make that a reality and pack on the pounds this last trimester.

What Inara is saying:  Early this week she told me she was so happy that Shepherd was in my belly :) And whenever we draw pictures of our family, she makes sure we draw him too. Its so sweet!

Weight gain: So I seriously didn't even want to put my current weight gain, because yes unfortunately I care about that. But I will so I can remember I guess :) I gained 7lbs in  2 weeks...thank you fast food and sweet tea! My total weight gain is 27 lbs.

Things to remember: I am just trying to remember and enjoy all parts of this pregnancy because it will (Lord willing) be my last. Trying to take in the blessings of being short of breath, not being able to bend over, and feet in my rib cage :)  I have been REALLY excited this week to meet our little man especially since I already know when he will come! It's crazy to think how quickly these next 9 weeks are going to go, especially with the holidays!

High Risk:  This is about when I started getting sick with Inara and I am so thankful to be feeling so well!  I had an u/s last week and everything is going good with him, weighing in the 55th percentile. Its funny he weighed at 29 weeks just about what Inara weighed at 31 weeks.  Its crazy to think I might ACTUALLY deliver a full-term baby!  So @ 32 weeks is when my life is going to be awesome with bi-weekly Non-Stress Tests until he is born. I also will have to do my regular OB check ups every other week AND at 32 weeks I will also have another U/S. I am happy to do WHATEVER I need to in order to keep Shep in there as long as possible...but WOW 4 appts in 1 week are hard to do for a working Momma! I am super thankful though that I can do some of them at a much closer hospital!

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