Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 21, Day 22, and Day 23

Day 21:  I am thankful for the job that God has given me.  There was a time when I dreaded going to work and was constantly looking for a way out. So even though I had to work Thanksgiving night, I am not sad. I go to a job working with super cute kiddos, good co-workers, GREAT insurance, and doing something that I actually like. I am thankful God has me where I am, even if I prefer to be a SAHM.

Day 22: Today I am thankful for time with my family. It was super fun to see Inara playing with her cousins. I had a great time with my family (even if I was running on 3 hours of sleep). And I ended the day roasting some marshmallows. It was a good day :)

Day 23: Today I am thankful for how God provides.  A while ago we found out that even though I bought short-term disability, something went wrong with the paper work and it didn't go through.  They are STILL working on it, but I am not hopeful it will be processed in time.  So we finally sat down and figured out that I will have 6 weeks of paid time off.  I obviously don't want to go back to work with a 6 week old at home (even if it is just part-term). So we figured we could probably go about 4 weeks with me not getting paid.  So 10 weeks, not to bad.  I wasn't worried about how it would all play out, but just figured we would see how it went.  If I had to go back to work big deal.  But God...through some VERY unforseen circumstances dropped some extra money in our laps and now it looks like I'll be able to stay off the whole 12 weeks and "pay" my self! It was totally unexpected, but a huge blessing. Just another way I feel like God reminds us so much that he not only takes care of our biggest problem (sin), but lavishes his love on us in so many other ways.  Sure I am thankful to be off work, but its really just a reminder that God loves us so much and just like any good Dad loves to give good gifts!

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