Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The time has come....

So since Inara was born, she has ALWAYS been small. We never really cared because she always gained weight, and was developing just fine.  Her PCP always kept wanting us to come back for weight checks, it kind of annoyed me, but I really like her doctor so I obliged.  Today we went in...and she lost weight :(

So tomorrow we head to Children's (thought I was done with that place) to get some blood work done.  Hopefully everything comes back fine, but she is being checked out for Celiace Disease. We are both really hoping that is not the case. Going Gluten free does not sound appealing to me, although I will gladly do it for her. Alright people...hold on to your butts.

Ps. Not looking forward to having my very dramatic 2 year old get blood drawn

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