Monday, March 12, 2012


Let me start by saying, I really LOVE my current job. I make my own schedule, am off virutally all weekends/holidays, have awesome staff to work with, and I love the actual work that I do. That being said, I am currently in the process of switching jobs.  My last day is in about 3 weeks...then I go back to working in 1) a hospital. 2) night shift. Both of which I said I would NEVER do. *Note to self, don't tell God you will never do something*  But honestly I am REALLY excited about my new job.  I think the flexibility of night shift will be good for our family.

The day I interviewed was amazing!  I know you probably don't care about all the details, but I wanted to post so I WOULD REMEMBER how faithful and awesome God is. The morning started off well even thought I did not sleep well. I woke up well rested and was able to spend some time praying and reading and it was SOO fruitful. God clearly showed me that HE is the ultimate gift and no matter what happened during my interview, He is what is to be desired above all things. I spent time in my car praying/worshiping him and felt overwhelmed by his love. I had such confidence going into my interview. Not because I was confident in my skills as a nurse (although I think I am a pretty good one :) but because I was confident that God is sovereign and that he will never leave me! While waiting for the HR person to meet me, I started to get nervous. But I am SO thankful God helped me FIGHT to put his truth in my heart.  I kept thinking about phil 4:8 where paul says "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things". It was amazing, as I told myself about my riches in Christ, my heart rate slowed, my breaths calmed down, and I could smile and wait patiently.  I went to meet the manager and was surprised as they said I would be going to a peer interview. Immediately my heart began to pound and I got nervous again...I wasn't ready for this! But as I waited for the staff, which each breath I would say "Jesus is Lord, and he will never leave me". WOW, the power of the Lord was with me! I was able to have a really great interview with both the staff and the management (nearly a 2 hour interview). I felt I really connected to the staff and really could see myself fitting well into this team.  The interview ended and I left being confident I totally rocked that interview :) but even more confident that although I would be bummed if I didn't get the job, my joy was in I thought that was a successful interview!

Well about an hour later I received a phone call...and they offered me a position! The HR representative said "well I hear you had a great interview"....I guess so! I am very excited, nervous, and ready for this new challenge. I also am so encouraged that I am sure they saw the light of Christ in me and that is why I got the job. My answers weren't "christian" but they were genuine and I am SURE this is why they chose me. I am excited to shine this light in my new position!  I am so thankful for this job, but much more thankful for how my day went and how Christ was fighting with me to have a day walking with Him. 

There is a little more to this story that I will share later. But I just wanted to be sure I am praising God both privately and publicly for his goodness :)


  1. Lauren, great post. Congrats on getting the job. Gods plan is always awesome to see in action, especially when its something you thought you would never want.


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