Sunday, January 29, 2012


*I wrote about half of this on my phone, so excuse the lack of punctuation /capitalization*

So a few weeks ago I read a friend's blog. you can find it here. basically as i was reading it, i felt like most of it could have been written by me. i felt convicted about how much sweet tea/coke i drink. Every month during my special time I think "I needed this caffeine now, but I'll stop later". I never do, then repeat the same reasoning the next month. so i thought about going on a fast briefly, and even told my friend "i just need to pray about it and talk to God first to make sure I have poor motives"... what a load of crap! I had neither prayed for direction or talked it out with God. I just kept suppressing my convictions...ouch seeing that in writing is so ugly.

well one night recently i was laying in bed and out of no where God showed me how the way i thought about my sweet tea/coke was sinful. i used it as an escape at the end of the day thinking "ugh, I've had a bad day...i DESERVE my huge fountain coke". i was spending money unwisely by having my drink nearly everyday. it went from something sweet to have as a treat, to something i had to have. so think about this, if i felt this way about having alcoholic beverages...i would be diagnosed as an alcoholic.  When Go showed that to me, I saw my behavior for the first time for what it truly was...sin. I was relying on something created instead of the creator...gross.

So as of Friday January 27th, I am sweet tea/coke/sugary drink free. I decided to fast not only from tea and coke, but also other sugary drinks because I think the problem in my heart would still exist.  I plan to fast for 1 month. I told Justin about it too and its helpful to have his accountability.  Feel free to ask me how I am doing, and hopefully I can tell you of how God is helping to fix my sinful heart!


  1. You can do it Lauren! I need to do it too. I LOVE caffeine and even more so during my pregnancy! I need to be more mindful of my choices.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. We can both do it with His help!

  2. you can do it lauren, i started fasting jan 6 from soda and coffee. i was just like you i deserve a fountain soda because... and some days i could literally drink a pot of coffee, like it was nothing. i really never wanna go back to that dependency on caffeine. often when we give something up, He has a way of bringing so much more into our lives.
    Philippians 4:13 i can do all things through christ who strengthens me.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jen! Today was a rough day, but I am learning a lot about my heart already! I am super impressed you have been without and you work nights. Way to go!


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