Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Christmas spirit

Here is a little fun fact. When Inara was born (Yes, in mid November) "Sleigh ride" was being played in the O.R. So, I guess she was destined to be a Christmas lover :)  Every morning when she wakes up, and usually her 3rd request (1st request is "Go see Daddy", 2nd is "eat") is to plug in the tree. But we have 2 trees and other lights she so usually wants those plugged in too :)  Here are some things I have heard her say lately. She sure does love this season :)

Pulling up the the mall I heard this from the back seat:
"Go see Jovi. Picture with Santa"

Also, more proof Inara may watch Elf too much: I heard her sing "jingle bells" then she stopped and said "Best way to spread Christmas Cheer, sing loud all to hear"

In the car if I hear her say "jingling doo" that means she wants to listen to "Sleigh ride".  The first line is "Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too"

I turned on the tree one morning and she said "Oh, VERY beautiful" :)

I love that she loves Christmas. Its my favorite too.  More on Truth in the Tinsel coming later.

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