Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Day 1

So today we started our first day of Advent. I was really excited to share this wonderful season with Inara and be reminded my self of what a great thing it was for Christ to come into our world. I kind of combined a bunch of different advent experiences into one.

First an advent calendar. I had have used this calendar since I was a little girl, so I was sad to pack it away. But I was very happy to start our own family traditions. I found this advent wreath through a friend on facebook. She kind of tweaked the original tutorial a little bit. I really liked how she added scripture about sin, the cross, and what was accomplished. Because even though it was great that Christ was born, it only matters because he lived a sinless life, died, and then rose again. So I really like some of the scripture to tell not only the story of Christmas, but also WHY Christmas was important.

Next, we will be using our advent calendar to go through Truth in the Tinsel. I reviewed this ebook for Amanda @ ImpressYourKids....I also bought a few copies for other friends.  In the book you read scripture daily and then make an ornament that corresponds with the scripture.  The scripture really tells the whole story of Christmas. I really love how she even gives extra stuff each day for you to do with your kiddo!

I took the scripture she used in the ebook, paired with some of the scripture from a friends advent wreath, and wrote them on the back of each closepin. That way I have it written right there!

I was really excited for Justin to get home from work, so we could do this together as a family.  I really didn't have high hopes to have this wonderful, long, theological conversation with Inara...I mean she IS 2. But I was super excited anyway to lay the ground work for those conversations. It went as expected, she was really excite about the tissue paper and glue and barely listened to the scripture. I think tomorrow I'll read the scripture first to have her full attention and THEN craft :) So here is our Day 1 ornament:

Hanging it on the tree

Finished product!

Ok guys, it is not to late to start. I promise! She as alternate plans in the book for busier people or for those who get a late start. And even if you don't get her book and use this tool to share Christ with your kiddos, do SOMETHING. Don't let this season pass by with lots of parties, presents, and people but neglect to celebrate the coming of Christ to save sinners like you, me...and our kids!

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  1. Love this idea, Lauren! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to tuck this one away in the back of my mind for when our little one is old enough. :)


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