Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness Day 9

Today I am thankful for the bible. God's inspired word to us. It was so obvious throughout the day how powerful and important it is for me to feed my faith with His words. And it was a great way to end my day with Inara. We got home from small group and it was WAY past her bed time. She was so sleepy and I was putting her in her chair because she likes to rock before going to bed. But instead she pointed to her bible and said. "Read Inara's Bible" (cue heart melting). Of course I quickly scooped her and her bible up. Opened to the beginning and read to her about sin, but so thankful I didn't have to stop there. She has a Jesus Storybook Bible (ps its really great), and there is hope on every page for kiddos just as the our adult bible offers us hope too.

Here is the kicker...she has ZERO attention span. I mean she is nearly 2 (sniff sniff). It was wonderful to see how God's word at such a young age didn't just hold her captivated her.

Dear Lord, may you word continue to captivate and change Inara. Please help me to cling to the hope and promises it brings. Amen

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