Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankfulness Day 16

Today I am thankful for my husband. He is too good to me. I know I said yesterday I was thankful for my family and that included him. But he deserves his own post. And I could go on an on about how great he is, but it would not honor him at all because he would be more upset that I stayed up past my bed time (yes, I give my self a bed time and he helps me try to stick to it) to boast on him. I am sleepy, it is late, I have had a migraine all day, and going to bed now is the best way I can show my thankfulness for him.....I win! Seriously though...God has blessed me so much. I know he will read this since he subscribes to my posts so... Thanks babe for loving me today, for not letting there be an exception, for having fun with me, taking care of me, helping me with technology stuff, shopping for me, taking care of Inara, and being the best hubs in the world. Being your wife truly does push me closer to Christ. You love and care for me reminds me of His love and care and I can't help but want to meet with Him more because of you. I am confident you will hear "well done good and faithful servant" and your rewards in heaven will be great because of how you love me and Inara.

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