Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Fast

So yes, I am going to be fasting from Facebook. But before I talk about that, let me tell you how I got there. Its pretty simple. My life is a mess. A hot mess. Not like marriage falling apart, depressed, dark place....just messy.

I have a lot going on. I work Tuesday and Fridays. On the days I am not working, I still have to have my phone on so I can be available to my patients and the office. I started a bible study at church on wednesdays (super excited about that), and will soon be caring for one of my favorite little girlies the other 2 days a week.  We also will be starting our first small group this week (YAY! we are super excited).  It may not seem like a lot to some people, but it keeps me pretty busy. Plus I have friends who aren't in my small group who I like to hang with when I can.  So yes, messy. But because its busy I have been having this overwhelming sense I am doing nothing well. 

I have been thinking about how much time is wasted on Facebook for awhile, but its also more than that for me. It seems my spiritual gift(s) are encouragement and mercy. So to be on facebook sometimes is actually very emotionally draining. I see a need and I SO want to fill it. Babysit for someone who needs a last minute helper, send a meal for a new mom/dad, offer parenting advice for a friend, pray for my lost friends (the list could go on and on).

I am not saying doing those things for others are bad. I am just seeing the need to set priorities in my life.  I spent a fair amount of time in my Christian life going, going, going and neglecting what matters most. I neglected God and even my marriage. I am just seeing that God doesn't need me to make a meal for every new mom, help every friend move, and encourage every person on facebook. Yes, God can chose to use me (and I am so thankful and humbled he does), but God does not need me to accomplish his work in EVERYONE. I think he is showing me where my priorities need to be and this is where he seems to be leading me:

1. Him
2. Justin
3. Inara
4. Small Group

I am hoping my facebook fast will allow me to really focus on the few things God has called me to, and do them well. Love Him with everything, be learn to be a wife of noble character, be a godly example and really disciple Inara, and invest into the lives of believers God has called us to shepherd. 
I am making other changes too, like joining the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge and doing a bible study at church to learn to become a wife that would please the Lord.  I don't think fasting from facebook is going to fix the mess I've made, but I am sure it will be a good start!

I'll still be updating my blog and reading others too, but I don't need to know what all 400+ friends are doing all day long. So sayonara Facebook!


  1. I can totally relate Lauren! I do that at different times, and then now that I am back "on" I have made significant changes. for example, I "hid" tons of people from my newsfeed so I don't have to follow every little detail all the time! :) God will bless you for being faithful and obedient to Him. Love You! :)

  2. Thanks LouAnn! Before I officially started my fast I did the same thing and "hid" a lot of people too. That way when I come back it will be ready for me to use in a healthy way! :)


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