Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A love story...Part 2

Ok we left off with my praying a prayer that literally changed my life.  Well at the time I was actually dating another guy. And this guy turned out to be kind of my "idea" guy. He was a firefighter, loved baseball (because did I mention I was a crazed Reds fan?), and loved being out doors. So one night I was hanging out at the firehouse just watching a movie. I was kind of getting bored and thought "I would rather be hanging out with Duke right now". WHAT THE WHAT?! That's what I thought. I mean where did this thought come from?

Well that was the last time I spoke to "dream boy". The next time I saw Duke the most ridiculous thing happened to me. I was at leadership and he walked into the room. Commence reddest face you have ever seen and me profusely sweating. I mean what was happening to me?! I have NEVER been like that with any boy ever and then all of a sudden I was getting all "oooo Duke". It was ridiculous and embarrassing. Luckily I was the only one who noticed, but not so luckily another roommate Christina told her boyfriend who was living with Duke.

Multiple more embarrassing moments passed and on December 28th 2003 he asked if he could talk to me after church. UGH?! Suspense much? I couldn't focus at church at all. Was he going to say he liked me? he didn't like me? it.was.awful. So after church was the first of many long nights at my house. He said he liked me and wanted to pursue me. Greatest words my ears had heard :) I of course said yes and we spent the rest of the night just talking and hanging out.
That New Years Eve we had a huge all area party. He came up put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I wanted to hang out the next day. So our first date was January 1st 2004. We walked around downtown for a while. The whole time I kept thinking "oh gosh, is he going to hold my hand?" I know right?! But he was a gentleman and he didn't try to.  :) We ended our first date with a very classy dinner at Taco Bell. It was awesome because I loved Taco Bell :) And we were poor and in college I didn't expect a super fancy dinner.

And wow, once again a long post. Ok I think this is gonna take awhile folks, so stay tuned for more parts to come :)

One of our first "nice" dates. I love how we are standing awkwardly far apart!

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