Thursday, July 21, 2011

NKOTBSB...round 2

Ok I did it. I saw NKOTBSB 2x in one month. Does that make me some crazy stalker person? Would it help if I said I didn't even wear some homemade tshirt? Ok I don't care. I.had.a.blast. Reflecting on last night I can say it was a really great time for me and my BFF. We lived 1 Corinthians 10:31, we really did

We started off with some great conversation on the ride down. Then we had dinner and drinks at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We split an appetizer, salad, entree, each had a beverage and all under $40 including a tip. We weren't gluttons, drunkards, and were wise with our money in the process. It was a really great dinner without babies crying.

And. then. the. concert. :) It was just as much fun the second time too! I really enjoy just watching people. I watched as Jonathan Knight was OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable on the stage. I watched as Brian Littrell romanced his wife and was a shining example of a Godly man (more on that later). I watched Donnie Wahlberg begged the audience to worship his body. I wondered if Jordan Knight's wife thought it was very weird to watch her hubs gyrate and have young and old women swooning for him.  We watched Nick Carter appear to have a 3 hour manic episode and totally lose his mind on the stage.  I also watched as 3 middle aged women smoked cigarette right in front of us and tried to hide them like a bunch of middle-schoolers. AND I watched as 4 middle-aged Indian dudes were breakin it was great!

But back to Brian Littrell. I knew he was a Christian, but after seeing him in 2 concerts you could totally tell it! It was just really cool to see him having fun and while I don't know him personally and his heart, it did appear he was doing it for the Lord :)  He brought his wife on stage where he gave her a big 'ole smooch. Then (as to not give the impression of him making out with a random girl) he introduced his wife to the crowd and pronounced his love to her. SO SWEET. Later in the concert another member said how great of a dad and family man he is. I have visions of him sharing his life and Christ with his fellow crew...of which includes AJ Mclean and Nick Carter who have had past struggles with drugs/alcohol.

To end our night we drove home and listened to Backstreet Boys Pandora radio. It was the icing on our beautiful cake! O-town, Britney, All-4-one, 98 degrees, Christina Aguilera, your heart out and feast your eyes on this blast from our past because who doesn't love boy band one hit wonders? Don't lie!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! And thanks SO MUCH for reminding me of that wonderful Westlife song! LOVE! Haha

  2. Hearing that song made me jones for some other one hit wonders. So if you can think of any...I REALLY want to know!


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