Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

I really just love Inara so much. In a way I didn't think you could really love your kiddo.  She is super fun, SO smart, loves to cuddle right now (YAY, only took about a year for her to come back around to it), and learns so much!  My mother just recently taught her the song "Whole World" to Inara. She LOVES it and requests to sing it a lot!  This is like the ONLY video I could find of it.

But anyway she loves it..and asks for "ho wold" or "whole world". Its so sweet and I never tire of telling her how God has everything in His hands.  And because I love her so VERY much I want to discipline her well.

I just started reading On Becoming Toddlerwise. We have read the other books in the series so we figured we would give this a try. I really wanted to read it because we have been having a hard time disciplining Inara. She likes to play in her crib so isolating her doesn't work and I have tried spanking her but she doesn't even care! This makes it hard to really get her attention to how she is disobeying.   She isn't out of control or anything, but she is definitely saying "no" and rebelling more. So after 5 chapters in, all the book has done is review the previous books. I am hoping there will be some helpful information in the second half.  We are really looking for practical ways to discipline her

We started reading Give Them Grace a few weeks ago. And while it is really great for the WHY behind discipline it hasn't given practical applications of discipline yet. We are still reading both and hope to find something to help us!  Ok, fellow parents. What has helped with disciplining your child?


  1. Try Don't Make Me Count To Three. It's a lot if the "how" behind the "why" and it's very good. I also can't recommend Gospel Powered Parenting enough.

  2. Oh thanks! I have heard good things about both books and just reserved both of them from my library!


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