Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathroom Renovation...during

Ok so here are some during pics. We basically had to take everything down to the studs and start over

This is where our bathtub WAS. Ok so here is the deal. Our friend who did everything said our bathtub was being held up by I quote "imagination". Yep that's right. NO support under our heavy bathtub that we showered in for 4 years. Apparently our toilet was similarly held up by nothing. Thank you Jesus for saving us from crashing down into our crawl-space

Now we are safe! Thanks Matt!

Also I forgot to tell you in the last post that we only have 3 closets in our whole house and NO basement. So that means no storage. So we moved our bathroom door frame over and put in a closet! YAY

Here is some tiling action and you can kind of see the closet too :)



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