Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bathroom Renovation...before

So a few weeks ago we finally started our bathroom renovation. This was not a "hey lets splurge and re-do it" type of project it was more of a "oh my gosh our bathroom is falling apart" kind of project. When we bought our house we didn't have the money to redo the kitchen and the bathroom, and the kitchen was worse than this! Don't believe me on how awful our bathroom was? why don't we take a look as some before pics

This is what under our sink looked like. The previous owners must have thought what is the point of tiling under the vanity?

Need more proof? Ok well this lovely tile is in our shower...yeah the place we are SUPPOSE to feel clean. Basically the tile was falling apart, but we were afraid to clean it for fear the whole thing would fall apart

Also this awesome medicine cabinet was not only put in upside down...but also crooked...

Here is what our bathroom looked like to start. Not super great, but we worked with what we had:

More during and after posts to follow.

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  1. tell you frankly its very dirty before but I like the changes now. Awesome dude!


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