Monday, June 13, 2011

Can I press pause?

Inara is growing up..too fast! She is such a little kid now and not a baby....there I said it. I don't have a baby anymore (I may or may not be tearing up at the thought of it). She really is just a big girl! She is talking SO much and is so funny too. My mom said it correctly when she said Inara has a good sense of humor. She is learning to count and this weekend Justin heard her counting to her self in the living room and counted to 10 all by her self! I mean is she a genius or what?  She trying to learn her ABC's too...that's a little harder but she is going great. She says "A, B, B" then looks at us to finish :) And today my heart melted into a puddle while we were playing outside. I said "oh girl, I just love you so much". She climbed off my lap and said "lub you" and walked away. I know she probably didn't understand, but it totally counts :) Oh, and my itty bitty baby is not so itty bitty anymore. Yesterday I put her in 12 month pants and she is actually in 18 month sleepers. Is it weird it makes me sad. I guess because she was so small it kept her a baby in my eyes or something.

I walked in the living room on Saturday to find this:

Yes, that's what you think it is...a Mt Dew can

She is my little shadow, helper, and mini-me. It is frustrating, awesome, and scary all at the same time. Because not only does she get good parts of my personality...she gets my sin too. Sometimes disciplining her is like looking in a mirror. It's crazy. awesome. and I often wonder what my life was like with out her in it :-)  This Sunday at church we had a very awesome and convicting sermon on parenting. I feel so blessed to have biblical truth preached each Sunday. (more coming on that later...a WHOLE new blog post)

This weekend we had a little fun with the hose :)

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