Friday, May 20, 2011

You make it real

AH! 5 years?! This time 5 years ago, I was getting ready to become Mrs. Justin Duke and marrying my very best friend! That day was so fun and amazing. I remember at exactly 12:30 p.m. I was like "ok, what's going on. Why are people still coming in?! Things are suppose to be starting. We need to get this party started". I was so anxious to start my life with him.  Our ceremony was very fast maybe like 20 minutes start to finish, and it was exactly what we wanted! Our close friend Peter Raber married us and our ONLY request was the Gospel be preached as MANY family/friends were not believers. It was great! And I did hear lots of people talking about Peter's club talk message.

Our wedding day!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by buying a house!

 Year 2 we went to Coco Key, but I couldn't find a picture. This was taken 2 months before though

For our 3rd Anniversary Justin bought be a right hand beautiful diamond ring, booked a cabin in Gatlinburg and I found out I was preggo!

Last year we celebrated with our babe. Ps look how chubby she was!

And this year it was a much needed weekend get-a-way!

I truly do love Justin more and more each year day. Just yesterday he took care of me in a way only he can and pointed me to my Savior's all consuming extravagant love. I mean rock on right?  So in the spirit of his awesomeness here is a song by James Morrison whom I LOVE! This song SO describes how I feel about Justin. He makes Christ real for me! I love Justin so much and am SO thankful for him in my life! I often think I would be lost without him!  Now don't go judging me for every lyric in the song, its not perfect, but it is SO GOOD!

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