Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friendliest baby on the block

Dear sweet Inara,

You are growing up so quick! It is so fun to watch you grow up. You are not a little baby anymore, you are a kid. It seems this has happened over night. You stopped saying "mama" and now I am just "mom". You are also the friendliest baby I have ever met...and I love it! You are ALWAYS saying hi to people and waving at strangers in public. It does seem you bring a smile to everyone you meet.

Recently we were at a fundraiser for a friend and you were welcoming people into a school you had never even been in with your infectious smile and telling them "hi". Tonight at dinner you waved to everyone there. People can't help but wave and smile back. I pray this quality of yours grows stronger. That you will be welcoming broken people into your life to show them the love of Christ. You truly are "heaven sent" into our lives and the lives of so many. Sometimes I wonder if I can love you any more, but the next day comes and I am filled with even more love for you. You are my precious miracle and I can't imagine my life without you in it!

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