Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bullet Points

So I feel like a lot of stuff has happened. I figured I mix it up a little with some bullet points

  • Inara is having surgery next friday to remove and extra toe on her right foot. I am VERY sad about it. More to come on that topic later
  • She will have to wear a cast for 1 month
  • It will be a pink glittery one :)
  • Inara has been waking up in the middle of the night and I am not happy about it
  • We went to the park today and had SO much fun. 

  • 5 people commented on what a cute little boy we have :)
  • We obviously have to put her in all pink and purple from now on
  • With each new friend that has a full-term baby, I am reminded that having a premature baby is actually easier
  • She is currently obsessed with TV. It is bizarre and seems to have happened over night
  • I am SUPER thankful for going to Grace Fellowship Church and the fact that the teaching is biblical and we are not let astray by our pastors
  • I have been really enjoying my time with the Lord. It has been fruitful and amazing
  • My small group is awesome
  • I am already tired and want to go to bed, but will stay up until 10:30pm tonight in order to watch my favorite (and the best) shows on TV. 30 rock + Community + Parks and Recreation + The Office = happiness

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