Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today's post is brought to you by new things my baby does.

1. Crawling- I know right! She is so big. When I was working yesterday, I received a phone call from my Dad (who is amazing and cares for her 2 days a week now). He said he was playing with her on the floor and she started crawling. Now its not a full on crawl, but it is DEFINITELY moving forward to get toys she wants. It is so fun and cute. I feel bad because I want to see her crawl so I put toys out of her reach so she HAS to crawl to get em. hehe

2. Waving-Yesterday she waved multiple times to the hubs and to my BFF. It is the cutest little wave ever. Instead of waving up and down or side to side, its kinda all around. She looks like a little princess waving her little arm (which I suppose is fitting since her middle name-Sarai- means princess). It is SOOO cute.

3.Teething- not so fun, but proof she is growing up nonetheless. The past 2 nights she has woke up around midnight screaming bloody murder. During the day she seems to be fine. I think because she always has stuff to chew on, is eating, playing, or being held. Last night we gave her some Tylenol and after about 1/2 hour of holding her, I fed her and rocked her in the glider in her room (Attn: moms to be, you must have one). She fell asleep in my arm, which she hasn't done since she was like 3 months old. I SOOOO wanted to just let her sleep a little while and snuggle a bit, but I was sure if I did that I would pay the consequences and having a screaming baby again when I laid her I didn't :( but I did get a good night sleep because she fell right asleep and slept all night...well until 6:30am, which is significantly earlier than normal :(


  1. Nicholas is teething too! I feel so bad for him because when he isnt sleeping he is fussing and crying and having a hard time eating b/c it bothers him mouth so much :-( Have you tried the Hylands Teething Tablets? We've been doing those w/ tylenol to help him get by until the teeth break

  2. Yes we do the same thing. Alternating between the tablets and Tylenol. So far she hasn't been awful during the day...night time is different story.


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